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Portable Golf Club Retainer

Portable Golf Club Retainer

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A practical golf club holder

If you only want to carry a few clubs to the range, this club carrier is ideal for you. If you want an approach carrier to hold your putter and some wedges, this is for you.


Lighten the load with a compact racket carrierwhich can hold up to six clubs, three tees and a magnetic ball marker. Meticulously designed by golfers themselves, this stretcher is perfect for the driving range, par 3 course, executive course or simulator.

Made of high quality materials, durable and suitable for most pockets.

Stand up: It can keep the handles dry when stand up with racquets.

Made of ABS and PET, with strong corrosion resistance and heat resistance. It has a certain degree of hardness, not easy to deform, and it has a certain degree of toughness and slip resistance, you can easily clamp/take out your racket without installation, and keep a strong grip even in a humid environment.


Material: ABS+PET

Size: about 14.5*6cm/5.7*2.36in

Weight: about 170g

Color: black-orange, blue-white, gray-blue


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Customer Reviews

Jim Jones

I’ve tried Sunday bags and the ‘wrap with a shoulder strap’ thing. Both of them are awkward to carry,and the clubs bang and slide around constantlyWith the Silo Golf Club Carrier I snap in four or five clubs,and carry it like one big club, caveman style, over one shoulder.I love this thing.


It works as expected. Living in a city and biking/walking everywhere, it’s a great little device to keep my clubs together. I put the heavy end in my backpack, zip it up the best I can, tie the zippers shut, and I’m off to practice.

Archie Brand

There’s nothing more annoying than the inconvenience of having to haul a cart bag with you when you just want to go hit the driving range for an hour.I looked around for a “Sunday Bag” but their flimsiness ruled them out for me.I even considered one of those things that look like someone took a small golf bag but then cut the bottom off it, so you are walking around with your clubs in a shoulder holster, all fastened together with velcro. But again, in my opinion the only reason you should hear a clinking sound from your bag is when you are carrying a “revitalising agent” if you get my drift.I saw the Silo club carrier and thought, like any great idea, it’s simple and does the job.I’m in the Philippines – so it took a while to arrive, and patience has never been a virtue Ipossess, but when it got here it’s basically everything the seller claims.I have always believed that golf clubs are a distant relative of wire coat hangers. Leave them alone un-managed and they will entwine themselves with their own kind, have a rattling good time, and vow never to part.If you throw them in the trunk neatly, next time you open it they have spread themselves around, with their heads hiding under anything in there, refusing to come out.If you put them on the rear seat at the first sign of a brake or accelerator they throw themselves on the floor, or even more slyly only one of them does, and when you get to the range you find that’s the club you wanted to practise with most.I now clip a driver, a 5 wood and 4 irons into it and off I go to the simulator / range. I simply toss the assembled sculpture on the rear seat and drive off. The clubs are held firmly enough so that there is no rattling, no clinking, no scratching of heads by other heads, and when you arrive there you can be sure that they are still where you left them, and you can pick them up easily with one hand and not have to chase them around the car.We have a short wheelbase SUV and a golf bag has to be manipulated in behind the rear seats. Push the bag in heads first, (heads must go to the left because that’s where the extra space is, but it’s not big enough for the base of the bag) then lift the bottom of the bag up (Yep – the clubs try to make a run for it) push it in and then lower the bag ensuring you don’t scuff the trim.With the Silo everything goes in without a problem.One end of the barrel has 3 holes for tees while the other has a magnetic ball marker holder, with a marker.While these are handy I would have bought the product without them.Some people have complained that its difficult to release the clubs from the holder – I didn’t have that problem, but you have to appreciate that if their grip on the shafts was any less snug they’d be rattling and falling out.As I said earlier – it does everything that it claims and my trips to the sim are a little less embarrassing as I no longer enter the room juggling my old Taylor Mades.

Robert S Schatzman

Bought this for getting a few clubs to Top Golf and the driving range. Perfect for this! Only issue is that woods and hybrids with covers don’t snap in so easily, or I haven’t figured out a way to do it. Either way, thinking this gadget will also be perfect for carrying clubs over to the other side of the fairway on those dreaded cart path only rounds when my ball couldn’t be further from my cart and I have no idea what club I need. As an owner of a million golf gadgets, I like this one – it’s a keeper.

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